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Marketers Shouldn’t Forget That Humans Are Visual Creators

Recently, the explosion in popularity of online marketing has proved its importance in the B2B world. Video marketing is part of online marketing and content marketing as well and marketers believe that 70% of videos used as marketing platforms have shown a positive ROI.

Video marketing involves planning, creating, and sharing the content in video format with the targeted audience. The videos created can be variant formats like social media videos, webcasts, video podcasts, live streams, and many more. Videos can be published on different platforms like social media, websites, and different online platforms. One can choose according to their requirements, needs, and audience. Some B2B video content ideas and tips, the best platforms which can be used for seamless implementation of the video marketing of the strategy.

Here are some of the go-to tips for better content ideas and tips:

  1. Experiences: Everyone has a story to tell about what and how they have experienced a certain thing. To build a brand image, a company can share its success stories, team efforts, development stages, virtual tour of the premises, customer reviews, and many more.
  • Fun-Loving: Why would anyone like to see some kind of serious and boring video on social media or any other digital platform. Keeping video light-hearted and fun will attract more audiences to the business. Using different kinds of animation, BTS (behind-the-scene), and some short videos will spread the word about the business and also create a different impact on the audience.
  • Product Solutions: When you endorse your product or service or just ask the audience to purchase one all the time, why would they be interested in the same? When you give different solutions to the problems encountered or the problems that might encounter while using the product or the service offered by you keeps your audience engaged with your business or the company.
  • An Emotional Appeal: One might think that while marketing for the B2B industry it is essential to be rational and precise but that’s not true! An emotional connection can be built with the customers and the targeted audience can be attracted by creating different emotional advertisements. There is an increasing trend in 2021 of having a humorous and sarcastic element in the B2B marketing videos. Also, amazement and the curiosity of the product play an important role.
  • Quality Video Production: A great idea will not always help to get you there. Proper and great implementation of the idea is necessary while creating the videos. Creating relevant and captivating videos is going to help you to attract the audience and to create these videos use of some good camera equipment, editing software, and hiring professionals to help out to solve the problems.
  • Buyer’s Journey: These kinds of videos may contain buying phases of the customers, their needs, queries, and goals. This will help in establishing a good image in potential customer’s minds and will also help them to make the right decisions about the product or the service they want to buy from your business or the company.

After creating the videos with different perspectives, creativity, and ideas it is important to choose the right platform to publish the videos to reach the targeted audience for your business. Here are the top 3 platforms which one can use for publishing the marketing videos:

  1. LinkedIn: Though other social media platforms are famous for reaching globally, LinkedIn is the best platform for companies to implement their different strategies. It is a professional platform that is used by almost all companies globally. It is one of the best social media platforms for B2B video marketing. Most marketers use LinkedIn for organic social media marketing.
  • Twitter: Twitter has always been used as a digital marketing tool by the marketer. The reason behind gaining popularity by Twitter is nothing but the audience’s indulging attitude in content consumption and the industry news.
  • Facebook: This platform is largely used by most of the age groups using this platform. It makes it easy to reach out to any audience from any age group as this platform is used by marketers as a marketing tool and also by small-scale businesses as well.

Using different ideas and platforms will help you to successfully run a video marketing strategy to gain the trust of the existing customers, gain new customers, and create a brand image as well. There are also different video hosting platforms for B2B marketing, including Vimeo, Wistia, Sprout Video, Brightcove, and YouTube. These video marketing platforms have different analytical tools, video SEO, marketing platform integration, and many more tools and facilities to implement the strategy. Use them wisely and for the correct audience, you will definitely see a difference in your ROI.

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