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Know Your Best Brand Marketing Platforms In 2022

Marketing has become an indispensable component of every organization. It has also become critical for businessmen to employ various marketing solutions and marketing techniques in order to maximize their exposure. Choosing the correct platform to implement your strategies, on the other hand, is a genuine challenge. These platforms facilitate strategy implementation while also providing end-to-end solutions. So, here are the top marketing platform options that business owners may utilize to simply select a platform that is a perfect fit for the company’s performance.


IP Intelligence, real-time reports, 50 data-slices for complete data analysis, 50+ types of data visualizations, and a customized dashboard to manage, track, analyze, and optimize advertising campaigns in real-time are all available on the performance marketing platform. Affise specializes in customized user interface design, third-party integrations, AI smart linkages, and feature-rich APIs. They also provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


They portray themselves as a game-changing performance-based marketing firm. Cake clarifies digital marketing initiatives by offering solutions to small and large businesses looking to increase their digital spending. They provide affiliate marketing, lead distribution, multichannel marketing, and routing solutions.


They provide intelligent tagging technologies, a Fraud Prevention Suite, powerful API Firehouse connection, ROI, and transparency. Tune focuses on marketing partnerships and collaborations, which are a popular trend. It’s a scalable and adaptable platform for putting your marketing strategy into action.’


Their product package comprises partnership engagement tools and relationship automation, and they produce transformative growth. They have also won several honors, including the Martech Breakthrough Award, The Drum, INC 5000, and Pacific Coast Business Times.

PAP (Post Affiliate Pro):

Over 170 CMS and payment gateway interfaces were used to develop the PAP dashboard. SubID, forced matrix, and direct link tracking are among their advanced tracking techniques. Furthermore, a single PAP installation allows businesses to track campaigns across an infinite number of websites and domains.


Everflow, which focuses on partnership marketing to encourage performance marketing, assists businesses in driving performance from affiliates, influencers, or media purchasing partners. They include the ability to measure performance without the use of links, as well as thorough reporting and analysis at scale. They claim to offer a foolproof user interface, and with their Click to Conversion Time, they can inform organizations about partners attempting to grab the brand’s organics via discounts or click spamming.


LeadDyno offers marketing automation and affiliate tracking software that can be implemented in minutes. Lead Dyno’s integration solution can assist companies in increasing their e-commerce and SaaS income. Since its inception in 2014, they have recorded over 70 million referrals.


Voluum can manage all of a brand’s campaigns using a single ad tracker. The platform, which includes rapid reporting options, can track over 30 metrics every visit, click, or conversion in real-time. The platform also has an atomizer that allows companies to define auto-rules and alter bids through API connectivity.


It resulted in the establishment of a firm dedicated to linking enterprises and partners in order to observe progress. Scaling numerous channels, optimizing partner performance, and automating partner rewards are among their benefits.

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