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Prospects for data management tools in the CDP era

If asked to identify the most popular categories on Tehub, you might include identity resolution platforms, customer data platforms, and data clean rooms.

Have DMPs been around for so long that, like “big data,” we just take them for granted? Will the growing dependence on first-party data handled by CDPs and the numerous privacy concerns related to third-party data combine to render DMPs obsolete?

Solutions for data management The seller is placing a wager against that. However, it is also making a concerted effort to present itself as a CDP partner.

A crisis of identity

The study concentrated on the use cases that CDPs are most equipped to address in the changing CDP space. Should we join the CDP like so many other businesses? Or is our technology still in great demand and future-ready so we can work around changes in privacy regulations and third-party cookie restrictions? Marketer noted that this was the kind of question that needed to be answered.

Marketer responded by saying that there would always be a need for the features that have traditionally been included in DMPs: “Such as access to third-party data, built-in analytics, modeling capabilities, and really mature pipes into the adtech ecosystem.”

When it comes to managing and activating data donated by known clients or site visitors, CDPs play a crucial role. According to Marketer , there is a gap in targeting individuals who visit the website, maybe add something to their cart, but never complete a one-time purchase or subscribe.

The capabilities of a DMP

Marketer said, “Third-party cookies and third-party data are frequently confused with one another.” “Any business that has an identity graph, which Lotame has; there are a few significant players in this space, can gather information in situations where third-party cookies are blocked, whether it’s linked to a first-party cookie or other digital identifiers like CTV IDs or customer IDs. We’ve enlarged it from being a probabilistic graph to a hybrid one, allowing us to ingest first-party data—that is, data connected to emails. “Therefore, we will support both a probabilistic match and a declared match.”

According to Theriault, using Lotame’s Panorama ID to track third-party data may be a more efficient method than depending solely on third-party cookies. “We’ve conducted case studies in settings like Safari that are currently restricted from third-party cookies, which have yielded better results than what brands have observed when running third-party cookie campaigns.”

What a CDP and DMP can accomplish jointly

How DMPs and CDPs can cooperate to assist brand marketing initiatives is the unanswered question. Simple integration is one method. On brand websites, certain CDPs, such Segment, Tealium, and mParticle, contain on-page tags, also known as pixels. Theriault stated that Lotame’s tag on the website makes connecting quite simple. We delegated most of the labor-intensive task of compiling the fragmented and siloed first-party data from various sources to the CDP, where it was then prepared, segmented, and sanitized.

When information is sparse or nonexistent, the Lotame tag for the same brand can perform a “quick look-up” to separate known customers (with customer IDs) from unfamiliar visitors.

“If the brand is lacking a customer ID, we bridge that gap by enabling the brand to better understand these cart abandoners by establishing a profile on our platform and providing that data back to the brand.”

All of this is made possible by the newly released Spherical solution, which is advertised as a first-party data accelerator.

At the very least, Spherical and partner CDPs have a bi-directional workflow. CDPs gather first-party data through a variety of channels, including online visits, CTV, email, and mobile. The data is cleaned, segmented, and sent to Spherical for modeling, enrichment, and analysis using Lotame’s DMP tools. Spherical can direct consumers to social media channels or adtech solutions. On the other hand, Spherical can provide the CDP with campaign data such as impressions and clicks.

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