Gmail Data Backup: Stored Your Data With Gmail


There are a plethora of reasons to obtain your data or just have a protected duplicate of your info. Backing up your data is always a smart option since it keeps your data secure and allows you to restore it whenever you want. You may backup and export your Gmail and other Google account data with Google’s Takeout service. You should back up your data not just when you have one of the other reasons, but you should back up your accounts on a regular basis, which is a good practice in general.

If a business wants to back up its data (which might be massive in quantity and size), you may discover that Takeout has been disabled. There are third-party backup systems or applications that can back up your Gmail data, but you should verify the policies before using them.

How to Back-up Your Gmail?

  • Go to
  • Click “Manage your data and personalization” under Privacy and Personalization.
  • Scroll down to “Download or delete your data.” Select “Download your data.”
  • When you click this, you will be redirected to the Google Takeout page. Check the box next to Gmail and any other applications you wish to back up under “Select data to include.” Then select “Next Step.”
  • Click the arrow beneath “Delivery method” to view your options, which include emailing a download link or adding it to your Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.
  • You can also select whether to export once a month or every two months (for up to a year), as well as the kind of file and the maximum file size. (If the file size exceeds your limit, it will be split into numerous files; files bigger than 2GB will utilize the zip64 compression format.) After you’ve finished selecting your choices, click “Create export.”
  • Your export will begin. Be prepared to wait; it might take days to complete. You may also choose between “Cancel export” and “Create another export.”